Saturday, 31 January 2015


I love making blankets for brand new babies.  Its such an honour to do so.  It can be tricky making before the babe is born, especially colour wise if the sex isn't known, but it's so much fun to do!

Here is a collection of ones I've made which I am particularly proud of.  Once my hand is better (!) they will all be available to buy from the shop (made to order, fully customisable) as will the option for a brand new design just for you! Now hurry up hand and get better!

Do you have a favourite?

LIS - a crochet granny cluster circular blanket

ALVYN - crochet granny squares with one main colour - backed with fleece

GREEN GIRAFFE - a crochet blanket made up of different stitch rows

HELENA - a crochet blanket made up of elephant squares. Backed with fleece

AMELIA - crochet granny squares with shades of the same colours with a joining colour - backed with fleece
OLIVE - crochet granny rows with a shell border

NELLIE - knitted squares with rectangle patch border - backed with fleece
KATHERINE - crochet wiggle granny rows

STELLA - knitted squares in different styles with an initial in the middle square - backed with fleece

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