Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Cat Who Came To Tea

The AMAZZZZING Any Other Woman ran a #Bookswap recently - we were all paired up and tasked with finding the PERFECT book for our swappee - PRESSSUUURREEEEE, especially as I had the wonderful Clare who is one of three who RUNS AOW - eekkkkk.

Anyway, I digress, the point of this post is that an extra bonus of getting Clare was that I also *got* Emmi!  I sent Emmi The Tiger Who Came To Tea - my favourite book of all time - even today - I'm almost certain she has it but I couldn't resist and didn't want to run the risk of her not having THE BEST BOOK EVER.

I got a little bit carried away and wrote The Cat Who Came To Tea featuring Emmi..

...below is the result... it's clearly modelled on The Tiger....

Hope you enjoy!

The Cat Who Came To Tea

The Cat Who Came To Tea

It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon and Emmi and her Mummy were settling down to read some books after lunch.

All of Emmi’s favourtie books were piled up waiting to be read.

Emmi’s Mummy had just opened the first book when there was a knock at the door.

‘Who could that be?’ Emmi’s Mummy said, ‘We’re not expecting anyone.’

Emmi wondered who it was too.

Emmi and her mummy opened the door and on the doorstep stood the most beautiful grey cat they’d ever seen.

‘Hello,’ said the cat, ‘I was wondering if you had any tea?’

‘We do have tea,’ replied Emmi’s Mummy, ‘but we’ve just had lunch, isn’t it a bit early for tea?’

‘You’re right,’ said the cat, ‘may I come in and play until it’s tea time?’

Emmi liked this idea and giggled as she showed the cat in.

Emmi showed the cat the swimming pool where she and her Daddy practice swimming.

The cat put a paw in the water and jumped back in surprise.

‘Oh I don’t like that! Its all wet!  Is there anything we can play with which is dry?’

Emmi took the cat back inside and showed him all her toys.  The cat especially liked Sophie the giraffe.

They then played with Emmi’s puzzle’s.

Emmi decided the Cat needed to look pretty so dressed him up in her favourtie flower hairband, her Mummy’s sunglasses, and 3 bangles. 

The Cat looked wonderful. 

Emmi dressed up too and was very pleased with herself.

The Cat was less than impressed.

‘Why don’t you show the Cat the rest of the house whilst I make us some tea?’ Emmi’s Mummy suggested.

Emmi thought this was a brilliant idea and ran around the whole house showing the cat EVERYTHING.  The cat struggled to keep up.

‘I’m a bit tired now,’ panted the Cat, after a particularly fast lap of the kitchen, ‘maybe we could play with something sitting down?’

Emmi giggled again and scampered back to the sofa and her pile of books.

Emmi’s Mummy brought in a pot of tea, some juice for Emmi and some cake.

Emmi’s Mummy started reading all the books with cats in as the cat stretched out and enjoyed listening to Emmi’s Mummy’s reading.

Emmi’s Daddy came home a while later and found the three of them curled up on the sofa reading.

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